Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Sprinkler System Pipe Burst Causes Widespread Damage to Commercial Building

When the pipe to this sprinkler system in a Colchester commercial building broke, 14 rooms were affected in addition to the common areas and hallways. The SERVP... READ MORE

Broken Sprinkler System Pipe Causes Massive Flooding in New Haven County Warehouse

Commercial businesses cannot afford to be shut down because of water damage. Yes, business owners have insurance for their assets and will eventually be reimbur... READ MORE

Litchfield County Office Building Discovers Mold Behind the Walls

Commercial buildings have a unique set of challenges when mold is discovered in them. More than one business is typically affected and the problem can become wi... READ MORE

Faulty Fire Sprinkler in Torrington Commercial Building Causes Water Damage

A sprinkler line broke in this Torrington, CT warehouse, causing flooding to 85% of the facility, including the office spaces. This might have seemed like a ty... READ MORE

Commercial Building Flooded By Fire Sprinkler

Sometimes fire sprinkler systems can malfunction. If a system or even a small portion of the sprinkler system is exposed to freezing temperatures, water can tu... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Clean-Up

Commercial mitigation requires quick action. The faster we arrive on scene to a fire clean-up, the better the results. Within four hours of loss notification, w... READ MORE